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I was reading job listings today on Masslive.com, and was first shocked and then just disgusted to read that East Longmeadow is currently seeking "substitute custodians" to work on an "as needed basis" in the schools. The pay for this position is $16.00 per hour! As a substitute teacher in East Longmeadow I was paid just $62.00 a day last year (which comes in at less than $10.00 per hour since you have to report before school starts). Many substitutes are certified teachers or college graduates who manage classes of 25 students or more, actually teach and keep things running fairly smoothly in the teacher's absence. I find it disgraceful that the school system values substitute custodians more than substitute teachers, and it makes me hope that people will refuse to substitute teach until they are paid at least what the substitute custodians will be paid. Of course I understand that many more subsitute teachers need to be utilized, and therefore the cost is great, but it is the principle of the matter. How do you think it looks to students to know you can make more emptying trash barrels and scrubbing toilets than teaching in our schools? Carolyn Bliss East Longmeadow
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