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Suggestion for House and Senate

After one week of calling Congressman Rich Neal's office to see if he plans to have a Town Hall Meeting on the health care/insurance issue in this area I was told that no meeting is in the works at present but if one is scheduled it will most like be in September. In light of that I will use this forum to try to get my suggestion out there. I am sure that Congressman Neal knows that the vast majority of Americans want no part of a government run insurance program of any kind at any time. These same Americans know quite well that the vast majority of the Democratic run House, Senate and President Obama want to move the government into the medical industry a.s.a.p. Our lawmakers in both the House and Senate could show both leadership and a rededication to work for the people by dropping their present system of health insurance and piloting the plan that they are proposing for their constituents. The pilot sample could be expanded by adding the Czars as well as all legislative aides, assistants and administrators to the pilot program to have an adequate number of participants to give the program a serious try. They could use the plan they want for the people for two years and then get back to the American people to let them know what they think of this program. The two year period would be more than enough time to read the bill and digest all of its nuances while they live with it. If they think it is good enough for the people than they stay on the program and offer it to their constituents. Given the very, very low approval rate for Congress this may be a way to calm the anger of the people and bring the Legislative Body back to earth and on to the same planet as the people who pay their salaries. Linda J. Fitzgerald East Longmeadow
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