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Support gestation crate prohibition

May 30, 2014 |

A bill pending (H. 1456/S. 741) in the Massachusetts Legislature would finally make it illegal to confine mother pigs in “gestation crates” – cages so small they can’t even turn around for their entire lives. It would also ban the use of battery cages for hens – cages so small that the hens cannot spread their wings. In addition, it would ban the use of veal crates in the Commonwealth, which are so narrow that newborn calves cannot even turn around. The animals are virtually immobilized for months.

Recently a gestation crate facility was proposed for the North Shore. We must stop this cruelty before it starts. I was shocked to learn that one pig farmer on the North Shore already has plans to open up a gestation crate facility in the state.

This legislation is desperately needed to protect farm animals; local, sustainable farmers, who care about best practices and the welfare of the animals; and local residents, who suffer greatly from the pollution in local waterways and decreased property values caused by factory farms.

I urge state legislators to please do the right thing and support H.1456/S.741. Please call or write yours, asking them to support this bill.

Sheryl Becker

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