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Thanks to all the letter writers who have expressed their feelings about Sarah Palin as Sen. McCain's running mate. My initial reaction to this choice had been positive and has since been fortified, both by those looking to unite the conservative vote, and especially by the liberal left, who, judging by their reaction, demonstrate that Gov. Palin was indeed the right pick. The fear, disrespect and abject hatred for Palin expressed in the stream of letters from the supposedly tolerant, open-minded and loving liberals shows that the Republican ticket poses a substantial threat to their choice, Sen. Obama. Why would there be such panic? Well, just as President Bush appointed and nominated highly qualified minorities to significant offices, it appears the Republicans are positioned to have the first woman become vice-president. Oh, how this must infuriate the Democrats! Coupled with contributions to Obama from the corrupt "Barney Mae" and "Frankie Mac," plus his claim that we are in a severe recession when he is able to raise 11 million dollars at one LaLa land event, the legs of his messiah-like status are crumbling. Did you notice the lack of letters from conservatives slamming O's VP pick, Sen. Biden, who has a list of very real problems? That's because we think he was a great choice (wink, wink). Keith Davis Holyoke
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