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Over the last weeks we have all faced massive destruction from the early snowstorm. Many of us were very frustrated and angered by both our utility companies and our municipalities that have failed us miserably. Over the years I have strived to be as independent as possible and relied strictly on my wife and I to address all the challenges that life presents.  However on this occasion we were completely overwhelmed.   On the first weekend after the storm and the resultant massive destruction of trees on our property, we had an obligation that required us to be away from home and had to forego the clean up after four days. To our amazement we returned home and saw a significant number of limbs no longer on the ground. After some investigation, we found that our neighbor Bernie and Jean Richard along with their son John and his wife worked a day while we were away to clean up a side of the yard. This wonderful gesture by a family that has suffered major losses and health challenges over an extended recent period left us completely lost for how to express gratitude for their kindness. I now thought that I could tackle the remaining massive amount of work on the other side and back of the house along with widespread high-level limbs that required to be removed. To our amazement the gratitude of our neighbors was not done.   A group of folks headed by Ross Giombetti called us and asked if they could lend a hand.  Frankly I didn’t know this person and others associated with him other than the fact that they once lived in our neighborhood and knew one of my daughters.  On Nov. 11, he and a crew of at least seven guys all showed up with chain saws and completely cleaned all of the remaining trees and limbs scattered over two-thirds of my yard. My wife Joanne observed and couldn’t believe the intensity that these gentlemen worked to clean up the massive amount of remaining debris. I cannot find the words to express our gratitude to this crew and frankly find myself becoming very emotional just thinking why I was so fortunate to have such fantastic people with super human hearts do what they did in our moment of need. Again Joanne and I want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to each of the following people for their miraculous work in our time of need: Bernie Richard, Ross Giombetti, Jean Richard, John Perry, John Richard, Mike Ats, Betty Richard, Dave Flores, Mark Macero, Dan Macero Sr. and Dan Macero Jr. George Pyzocha Hampden Bookmark and Share
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