Thank you Mapleshade

When my third grade Mapleshade granddaughter finished doing her NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH dance in front of her middle school sister, she soon thereafter experienced the anxiety of moving to a new school for the rest of the year. Mapleshade's structural repairs would not be complete for months. It was like beginning the year all over again.

Enter faculty and staff of Stony Hill School led by principal, Sherrill Caruana who went to great lengths to create a warm, welcoming environment for our Mapleshade family. Under the direction of art teacher, Dyan Pederzani, Stony Hill students produced a huge star-studded banner personalized with their names. Students at Meadowbrook, Soule Road, and Green Meadows Schools also contributed lovingly-made welcome posters and cards. It is my understanding that the Wilbraham custodial and kitchen staffs also gave of their time and talent to help their Mapleshade counterparts acclimate themselves to their new workspaces.

These quiet, thoughtful gestures speak to the kindness of our Wilbraham/Hampden neighbors who embraced our precious children and eased a difficult transition. This grandmother is grateful, but not at all surprised because of the nurturing, collegial nature of those who work to educate children.

Kudos to the teachers and staff of Mapleshade for the incredible job they did of making Memorial School feel like home to their students. It took many long hours including evenings and weekends to accomplish this important work.

Thanks also go to the Mapleshade PTO who provided coffee and donuts for the staff and to Fazio's who so generously donated pizzas to the hard-working teachers. What a great community and how lucky we are to have such caring, thoughtful neighbors.

Chris Williams

East Longmeadow

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