There Was Little Racism in Election

I was surprised by your implication that racism was a big deal in this presidential election. From this observer's perspective, it was negligible.

The Secret Service was very concerned about the "Kill him" report you mentioned. It was made by a single reporter at a single Obama event. The Secret Service checked with the dozen agents they had posted in the crowd at the event to see if any of them had heard it. They had not. In turn they checked with several score other people known to have been at the event. Turns out the only person who heard it was ... the reporter himself. It was determined to be totally unsubstantiated within 72 hours.

It is not surprising that few people heard that the report was false. It's an example of the total transformation of the media into the public relations arm of the Democratic Party. From the L.A. Times withholding of previously-published news tapes on Mr. Obama toasting and praising a peace-loving Palestinian terrorist leader, to the UK press uncovering his beloved aunt in a Boston Housing project, there has been a dearth of real reporting by journalists. They all rushed to report the "Kill him" remark without pausing to corroborate it, and buried the correction on page 17 two weeks later.

You are half-right that the presidential race was tainted by racism. That took place primarily during the primary campaign and was done by Hillary Clinton supporters and other Democratic rivals. Once the primaries were over, racist comments were mercifully few.

To imply that Rush Limbaugh is racist overlooks the fact that Bo Snerdley, his partner in the studio, is black, he uses black talk show host and columnist Walter Williams as one of his on-air substitutes, and though guests on his show are extremely rare, they have included Justice Clarence Thomas and columnist Thomas Sowell just this year.

Mr. Limbaugh is a capitalist and conservative. His fear is socialism, not color. Mr. Obama did not get the votes of those immigrants who fled socialist regimes in Russia, South America and Africa.

But the final proof that racism is not as widespread as it once was is the result itself. Mr. Obama won handsomely. The feared "Bradley effect" was nowhere in sight. There were no Klan marches and no serious threats reported towards Mr. Obama. So let's give the American people some credit. Let's acknowledge and cheer that they've "changed!"

Pat Henry

East Longmeadow

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