The system works

Nov. 19, 2012
East Longmeadow residents and Board of Selectmen members have every reason to be proud of their town, even in the wake of an election fraud allegedly committed by a former Selectman and a town employee.

There is no "dark cloud" over the town, only over the two charged in this crime. No matter how many laws are passed, or policies written, there will always be a criminal or two that thinks he or she can game the system. The answer to the consternation over incidents like this is that usually, the criminal gets caught and prosecuted. Truly, the system of laws and regulations that are already in place has worked well in this case.

Those of us who live in East Longmeadow or in nearby towns know that it is a wonderful town with a responsible town government. Let's not let one or two idiots make us feel any other way.

Best wishes to our East Longmeadow friends.

Mark Casey

Former Hampden selectman

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