Three in a row?

Dec. 12, 2012
I sit here trying to figure out if I am changing or if you are moving a little further to the "center!"

Last week your item on Sheila Burgess (director of the Massachusetts Highways Safety Division) was almost word for word of my letter to the editor to The Republican, which has not been printed, as yet.

I would like for either The Reminder or The Republican to follow up on where Ms. Burgess has been transferred and at what salary since the governor has stated that her hiring was a "screw up" since she had no experience and that this was obviously a patronage job. Please keep up on this one!

This week you took to task the Wal-Mart Corporation and rightly so. I have been waiting to hear that they are now selling eggs that were laid in China and shipped here. Good for you. That's two columns in a row that I agree with you. Maybe I am moving further to the left of center?

I don't recall the Elizabeth Warren column but here is another example of not being qualified for the position. There, I am back to the right of center.

Will there be three columns in a row?

Ray Hand


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