Traffic concerns

Dec. 4, 2012
I am writing in response to the voter traffic planning on Election Day.

I live on Hanward Hill and the traffic during voting hours was extreme to say the least. Cars were slowed to stopped the whole day.

Only after a call to the police department did I find the route had been reversed.

Getting in and out of my driveway down the street was a nightmare. People parked on both sides of the street, allowing for only one lane of traffic.

I mentioned this to the police officer at the end of the street and he said he couldn't do anything, he couldn't leave his post.

Thank goodness an emergency vehicle didn't need to get down the street.

By mid-afternoon an automated call told residents about the reversed route and to use an empty parking lot at Birchland that wasn't being used.

I hope if this were to happen again some changes would be made.

Lori Shea

East Longmeadow

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