What will be the final price?

March 22, 2013
I wonder if any Chicopee city officials keep tabs on what the total cost the new Chicopee Senior Center will be when finally completed.

According to newspaper reports, the building construction contract stands at $8.05 million and added to this is $10 million in federal Brownfield and other state development grants to clean up the property. And add an additional $1.65 million in MORE JOBS grant money for road construction and water and sewer lines for the site.

That totals $19.7 million. That additional $12.65 million in grants above the $8.05 million construction contract probably could have solved many other problems in the city.

There is much rhetoric about frugal spending by Chicopee officials during these uncertain financial times for cities due to the financial strains of the federal and our state government. But if the new senior center is an example of frugal spending, it makes it obvious that Chicopee needs some truly fiscally responsible candidates on the ballot this election year.

Jim Raschilla


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