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You Will Become An Exceptional Leader Once You See The Potential in Your Own Mind.

   Helen Keller went to college, wrote nearly a dozen books, met 12 U.S. Presidents and lived to be 87.
   Helen lost her vision & hearing at 18 months. At 7, Anne Sullivan entered her life as a tutor. In a few days Anne taught Helen how to spell words with her hands. But Helen didn’t understand what the words meant until one day at the water pump. Anne had Helen hold one hand under the water then she spelled “W.A.T.E.R.” into her other hand. It was ELECTRIC – the feeling turned into a word immediately.
   That day Helen learned 30 words. She learned to speak when she was ten by feeling her teacher’s mouth. Often people found it hard to understand her, but she never gave up trying. She learned to read French, German, Latin, and Greek in Braille. At 20 she went to college.
   Helen became an exceptional leader once she saw the potential in her 
own mind.
   (Whether you see yourself as Anne Sullivan the tutor OR Helen Keller the student – you must believe in your own potential. You will wear many hats, you will encounter many students, you will face many challenges – but as long as you believe in yourself and never give up trying – you will succeed. Enjoy the journey. Ask for and offer help to your fellow passengers. Know that you are not alone. You may not understand why you are being challenged on your journey – but know that if you keep your eye on your target you will be able to step over and around small obstacles on your path. Go forward in peace. Seek partners on your journey who are positive and motivating to you so that your batteries will always be charged when you are called on for assistance. Be confident. Smile. Learn. Grow. Help others to succeed. Become exceptional.)
Chris & Dan  
Potential-Loving Co-Publishers
P.S. If you have any positive words of wisdom like this you would like us to share with our readers, please send us a copy today.

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