NEYSA Metro Division softball tournament washed out

Aug. 8, 2012
Chris Maza

GREATER SPRINGFIELD — After weeks without offering any relief, Mother Nature picked an inopportune time to decided to bring the rain, as far as the New England Youth Sports Association U-18 Metro Division softball league's organizers were concerned.

After unrelenting rains washed out tournament competition on July 28 and 29, the league was left with some very difficult decisions to make regarding the crowns for both the A and B division tournaments.

Ultimately, league organizers made the decision to leave the A division champion's spot vacant in 2012 due to the fact that there was no easily discernable winner from the double-elimination tournament's early rounds.

"We still had too many teams left in the A division at the time we had to call the tournament yesterday [July 29] to have a discernable winner and runner-up so that division has no champion for this year," Harvey Glazer, Metro Division coordinator, said.

The Springfield Rockettes, and Amherst Metro teams both stood with no losses, while the Belchertown Orioles and Wilbraham Falcons both had one loss. The Rockettes and Orioles were in the midst of an early round game when the rains forced its stoppage.

Meanwhile, the B division was a bit luckier. While the tournament was not completed, organizers were able to identify two clear teams as the winner and runner up based on early-round results.

Ludlow Metro, who snuck into the tournament with a 6-10 regular season record, took home the championship, while the Chicopee Pacers were named the division's runner up.

"One team which remained undefeated, the Ludlow Metro team, was given the deserved honor of being the tournament champions in that division and the single one loss team left was Chicopee Pacers who were given the runner up for the B division," Glazer explained.

The two teams were slated to play a final on July 29, but field conditions prevented any games from being played.

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