Reminder editors face-off against Springfield Falcons

Reminder Assistant Editors Katelyn Gendron and Courtney Llewellyn participated in the first ever Springfield Falcons Ball Hockey Challenge on May 30. Gendron and Llewellyn played against the Falcons as members of the Media All-Star Team. Final score was 11 to nine Falcons.
Reminder Publications photo by George Skovera
By Katelyn Gendron

Reminder Assistant Editor

WESTFIELD -- There's a photograph of me at four years old -- my wide, olive eyes peeking out from under my father's ice hockey helmet, my tiny hands inside his giant green and gold gloves, trying desperately to grip a wooden hockey stick.

I couldn't play well then -- it had nothing to do with the oversized equipment -- and I certainly can't play any better now, but I'll get out there and embarrass myself for a good cause anytime, and that's just what I did last Saturday.

The Media All-Star Team took on the Springfield Falcons at the first ever Springfield Falcons Ball Hockey Challenge at Amelia Park.

Fellow Assistant Editor Courtney Llewellyn and I represented Reminder Publications as two members of the Media All-Stars, accompanied by staff from other local news organizations. We challenged Falcons Assistant Coach Gerry Fleming and other members of the Falcons front office staff to a fun and surprisingly competitive game.

The Falcons beat us 11 to nine but we gave it all we had.

Our ability to remain competitive throughout the game was due in large part to the stellar athleticism of our star editor Ms. Llewellyn, Kevin Johnson from Mix 93.1, Shaggy from KIX 97.9 and Amy Lynn Stanley from CBS 3.

Much to my surprise I played quite well and finished +2 with one assist, according to my father, who was keeping my stats for giggles.

Courtney was unstoppable at left wing with two assists; she battled along the boards, charged defenders and proved to have a mean right-handed wrist shot.

Despite our best efforts, Fleming led a powerful force of sheer athleticism and unparalleled teamwork to victory alongside Damon Markiewicz, manager of Media Relations.

Despite the loss, I had a great time, not just because I didn't deliver as horrible a performance as I thought I would, but because for the first time in my 25 years I got to switch roles with my father, the hockey coach. I must say, however, that I prefer my place in the stands cheering loudly and proudly for my father and the UMass Minutemen.

The Falcons were gracious winners and put on a first-class event for the community to enjoy, as always.

Courtney and I are looking forward to a rematch and we'll come out firing on all cylinders for victory.

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