Springfield College basketball coach to take part in clinic in Venezuela

June 26, 2013
SPRINGFIELD – For three days in the month of July, Springfield College men's basketball coach Charlie Brock will travel to Venezuela to take part in a comprehensive lecture and clinic series for basketball coaches of all levels in South America.

This marks the second time that Brock has visited Venezuela for a clinic, as he also served as the lead clinician in 2008.

On that trip, Brock provided coaching and teaching techniques to over 150 coaches from Venezuela and other countries in South America.

Assisting Brock throughout the trip is a pair of Springfield College alums in William Boxill and Francisco Diez.

"It's always an honor to be able to represent Springfield College and continue to promote the growth of the game of basketball internationally," Brock said. "I think it's extremely valuable to continue to support our international alums, many who have done great things around the world after leaving Springfield College."

Brock is no stranger to traveling the globe to help promote the game of basketball, which was invented at Springfield College.

In the summer of 2005 he traveled to Taiwan to lecture and conduct clinics to various Taiwanese age groups. In September of 2004, he accepted an invitation to travel to Eastern Europe to hold two days of clinics for over 200 coaches in Estonia.

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