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Kung Fu Center returns to its roots

SPRINGFIELD — In 1990, the Shaolin Kung Fu Center in Springfield first opened its doors at 284 Bridge St. Now, more than 20 years and several location changes later, the Shaolin Kung Fu Center is celebrating its return to 284 Bridge St. Founded by Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Lisandro Vega (Shifu Li), the school and its students have always been dedicated to the Shaolin principles of self-cultivation and community service. Despite location changes, the Shaolin Kung Fu Center has remained an active part of the greater Springfield community. “The Martial Arts have always had a tradition of community involvement,” Shifu Li said. “As martial artists we train to help ourselves, our families, and our community.” Over the years, the Shaolin Kung Fu Center’s students and instructors have been involved in numerous community projects. “We’ve run seminars for the elderly and for children on fitness, ‘Stranger Danger,’ and bully-proofing. We’ve performed at nonprofit events for the community, we’ve provided training for local law enforcement and military personnel, some of us have even served in the local law enforcement agencies,” Shifu Li recalled. “Now that we’re back in Springfield Center we hope to be even more involved in the community.” To celebrate the return to their original location, the teachers and students of the Shaolin Kung Fu Center in Springfield hosted an Open House for the community on Oct. 13. “We look forward to seeing lots of old and new faces. It’s been a lot of hard work, but we’re very glad to be back in town,” Shifu Li said. “We hope everyone will come in and see what we’re about.” For more information visit www.shaolinkungfucenter.net or call 504-3253. Bookmark and Share

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