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New Mass. law lets restaurants serve alcohol Sunday mornings

BOSTON -- As part of the budget for the new fiscal year, the Restaurant Rejuvenation Act was signed into law on July 29, allowing restaurants to serve alcohol starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday. "This provision will increase business for restaurants and provide a boost to our economy in these uncertain fiscal times," House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said. "This measure promises to save and create jobs in the restaurant industry while encouraging economic activity needed to grow the Massachusetts economy." "This bill will help the restaurants in the 2nd Hampden district as well as producing revenue throughout the Commonwealth," Rep. Brian Ashe (D-Longmeadow) said. "It is a proud day for restaurants, waiters, waitresses and consumers in Massachusetts," Dave Andelman, the originator of the new law, said. "I would like to thank all those who played a role in passing this legislation before the July 4th holiday weekend, including House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and the members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. "The new law will increase employment, income taxes, sales taxes, and meals taxes, without costing the government a single dollar. It will help the restaurant industry, which employees roughly 10 percent of the work force, fight the recession. We expect this to generate tens of millions of dollars per year for the state." Prior to this measure, restaurants were prohibited from serving alcohol until noon on Sunday.

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