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Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis announces bid for State Auditor's seat

BOSTON Surrounded by supporters, Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis formally announced his much-anticipated campaign for State Auditor recently. Touting a record of reform and independence, Glodis outlined his agenda for how he'll improve the Auditor's Office to better serve the Commonwealth's citizens. When asked why he's running for auditor, Glodis responded, "I believe elected office shouldn't be about being comfortable or complacent. It should be about the challenge and commitment to reforming and improving government on every level. "Five years ago I could have taken the easy road and run un-opposed for a fourth term to the State Senate. Instead, I saw an opportunity to reform an antiquated and outdated institution at the Worcester County Sheriff's Office," he continued. "Challenging the political establishment and against long odds, not only did we succeed, but we instituted over 50 new reforms, including national accreditation for the first time in the department's history." Sheriff Glodis served in the Legislature for eight years before being elected Worcester County Sheriff in 2004. During his tenure as sheriff, Glodis implemented an anti-nepotism hiring policy, mandatory promotional testing for officers, senior citizen TRIAD programs, the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, a first of its kind post-incarceration treatment center, and an expanded community service program that saved Worcester County taxpayers approximately $4.2 million in labor costs. For his efforts, he was awarded the New England Council on Crime and Delinquency's Award for Innovation, the Patrice O'Malley Hagan Award from Pernet Family Health Services, the Father J. Hickey Award from Dismas House, and many more. Glodis explained his vision for the Auditor's Office, specifically playing a greater role in fiscal and policy issues: "I believe the Auditor's Office can and should be more than just a fiscal watchdog. The auditor can be on the front lines of job creation, reducing property taxes, economic development, and good government." During his remarks, Sheriff Glodis said that, as auditor, he could help with job creation by working with labor to commission a study that would examine the effect of hiring out of state employees and contractors including the cost of unemployment insurance, benefits, and lost revenue. In order to reduce property taxes, Glodis said he would advocate on behalf of cities and towns to curb and reduce unfunded state mandates. The auditor can also play a key role in economic development, according to Glodis. "By ensuring stimulus funding is being spent wisely, appropriately and with the greatest positive impact," he commented. Equally as important, Glodis said, the auditor can be a greater proponent of good government. Right now, the Commonwealth spends more than $60 million per year on rent for office space. As auditor, Glodis said he will spearhead an effort to dramatically reduce this cost by better utilizing surplus property that is currently underutilized or unused. In addition, he wants to "expand the auditor's ability to be an effective advocate for taxpayers by exposing waste and fraud through the improvement of citizen-based reporting." "I want the State Auditor's Office to be a marquee Constitutional office that has the resources, determination and commitment to make government more effective and efficient," Glodis said. Sheriff Glodis stated why he is uniquely qualified to be an effective auditor: "As a legislator and sheriff, I've had a long history of marching to my own beat, being an independent, fiscal conservation; someone not afraid to take on the status quo. I've long championed tax relief and job growth for the middle class. I was one of the only Democrats in the Legislature to vote for a reduction in the state income tax to five percent and tackle controversial issues like bilingual education reform." Glodis continued, "As auditor, I will continue that no-nonsense, independent approach, ensuring the Auditor's Office is a non-partisan, non-political agency driven only by the best interests of taxpayers and not the status quo." Sheriff Glodis lives in Auburn with his wife Tina and two sons. To learn more about the campaign, visit www.guyglodis.com or contact Glodis by e-mail at guywglodis@aol.com.