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Crystal Falls offers holistic health approach

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Oct. 31, 2011 By Lori Szepelak Correspondent SOUTHAMPTON — As holistic health grows in popularity, a new business along the Manhan River promises to offer a unique blend of workshops, programs and services to heal mind, body and spirit. The Crystal Falls Wellness Center, adjacent to the picturesque river that runs by it, is the longtime dream of Julie Borowski and David Demarey, owners of Demarey Gardens, which is located at the same site, 285 College Highway. “It is all coming together with a wonderful group of practitioners of the holistic arts working in a setting of great natural beauty and healing energy next to a waterfall,” Demarey said during an interview with Reminder Publications. “The sound and energy of the waterfall reaches every room in both buildings and instantly lifts the spirit and calms the soul in its presence. The sound vibrations actually get strong enough in the store to move things around on the shelves.” An open house is planned the weekend of Nov. 5 and 6 from noon to 7 p.m. to introduce area residents to the center and the practitioners who will be providing a variety of holistic services. Tours of the center will be available throughout the day. Refreshments will also be served. To access the center, one must climb a series of steps to the second floor of the red clapboard building, circa 1877. “The building itself was actually moved several hundred feet downhill to its current location, dragged there by oxen and some very determined people,” Demarey added about the historic building. During tours led by Demarey, visitors will have an opportunity to view each appointed room that features a different color scheme, all soothing pastels that fit into the atmosphere of what the practitioners are offering. Windows are brightly decorated with glistening crystals to add to the ambience of the surroundings. The spacious waiting room is flanked by the Green Room (designated for most Reiki and massage services), the Blue Room, the River Room, the East Green and the Center Hall. The Center Hall is the largest space, which will host a variety of lectures and classes such as Yoga. Among the practitioners who will be offering services at the center are: • Matthew Gaines of Westfield and Karen Tatro of Montgomery, owners of Way ~ of ~ Life Reiki. They offer Reiki sessions and attunements, meditation classes, Mediumship and messaging, crystal healing classes and sessions, angel card readings and chakra balancing. Gaines is a Reiki practitioner, meditation leader and medium, and Tatro is a Reiki Master and teacher, crystal healer, meditation leader and medium. • Healing Spirit proprietor Jill Gaitenby Eldredge of Huntington, a medical intuitive spiritual healer, will offer several services including medical intuitive, which locates the most troubled areas of the body, and vibrational healing, which removes negative density and infuses the body’s field with sacred healing light. • Jacqueline Engel, M.A., of Southampton, will offer mid-life transition counseling, Reiki sessions, and angel card readings. Engel noted that short-term counseling will be supplemented with intuitive approaches. • Shirley Landry, RMT, RH, INHA, of Easthampton, specializes in crystal bowl meditation, and also offers Reiki sessions, life coaching, house blessing and clearing, and pet Reiki. • Anaya Braswell, a medium/intuitive, Laying on of Hands healer, sound healer and classically trained musician, specializes in bringing forth messages from spirit. • Jessica Berger, RN, RYT, founder of the multi media stress reduction company, All Things Relaxation, offers a stress reduction program called “The Relaxability Technique” that uses meditation, soft Yoga movement, rhythm and sound to instill a deep sense of relaxation in the participant. • Susan Demers of Voice of My Drum based in South Hadley, offers workshops on drums called djembes that originate from West Africa. After an orientation on the origins of the djembe, she instructs participants on how to play several simple rhythmic beats. Her sessions also involve participants in a drum circle, each practicing the basic hand techniques using a djembe. “It is an amazing place with a lot of natural energy and a group of people dedicated to using their healing skills to help others,” Demarey said. For a complete list of practitioners, classes, workshops and seminars, call 527-1111. “Nature provided the setting and the energy of spirit and the practitioners provide the connection to that limitless world,” Demarey added. Bookmark and Share

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