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Local fitness trainer explains why all diets die in new book

Local fitness trainer explains why all diets die in new book alldietsdie.jpg
By Courtney Llewellyn Reminder Assistant Editor EAST LONGMEADOW That New Year's resolution you set way back in January may be coming back to haunt you right now, in the time of hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream. That ambiguous goal of losing weight set during the time of drifting snows may seem like a dream. John Pantera, a Specialist in Performance Nutrition and a Certified Fitness Trainer currently working at Elements Therapeutic Massage in East Longmeadow, recently released a book that may help you change that mindset. "All Diets Die: How to Win & Be Thin (For Life!)" is his guide to living a healthier life. It is published by AuthorHouse. "It's very, very basic," Pantera said. "In my experience working with regular people, I realized I needed to keep it simple or people wouldn't even try it. It starts with setting goals." Pantera explained that goals are critical. "Some people may say 'I just want to lose some weight this year,' and that turns into just a thought passing through their heads. It's not just setting goals, it's writing them down and putting them somewhere you can see them everyday. It's making them concrete." His books outlines how to set 90 day, six month, one year and more than one year goals and what reasonable expectations should be for every body type, whether a person wants to lose five pounds or 150 pounds. Once goals are set, Pantera focuses on nutrition in "All Diets Die." Five out of the nine chapters in the book are dedicated to healthy eating because no matter how much a person exercises, "nutrition can trump everything else," according to Pantera. His Web site, www.alldietsdie.com, states, "Most Americans have tried at least one diet. For some, more than one. And inevitably, that diet ended." That's why he doesn't discuss a prescribed diet in his book; he focuses simply on eating right. The third portion of his book covers exercise, another critical part of overall health. "The heart and soul of the book is all the steps and information you need to lose weight in a healthy way and in a permanent way," Pantera said. The book's author noted that he has always been interested in sports and fitness, and that led to his passion for nutrition. He's run his own personal training studio for the past six years and said he started working on "All Diets Die" a few years ago. "I had all the content done and about six months ago, I buckled down [to put it together]," Pantera told Reminder Publications. "AuthorHouse really liked the piece, and it was only 60 days from my submission to the final product." "All Diets Die" is available at www.bn.com and at www.amazon.com. User suzieb on bn.com gave the book five stars, commenting, "This book has opened my eyes! It's an easy read and it seems to be working!"

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