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By Natasha Clark

Reminder Assistant Editor

EAST LONGMEADOW Lorraine Louvat said when she was four-years-old God spoke to her. She recalled that, at such a tender age, she'd had the yearning to learn about God, but that others around her felt she was too young. Sad, she escaped to the woods and stopped near a White Birch tree. It was there she said she fell into a deep sleep and heard "the Heavenly Father's voice."

"He said 'little Lorraine stand', and told me to spread my feet apart and put my arms up my palms facing up," explained Louvat. "He told me I was born with the gift of healing and miracle ... He said that everything under my feet, the earth, beneath the earth and below, everything having to do with healing would come into me now, to be given to his people at another time."

Louvat, a Divine Healer, will participate in two Healing Services March 5 and 6 at St. Michael's Church in East Longmeadow.

She's aware of what her story may sound like to some people. At that age, she said it would have been easy to use words like "imaginary friend" while never giving credence to her experience.

But she has supporters. Gerard St. Cyr said he has witnessed healing through the gift God has given Louvat. Eight years ago he attended St. Martin of Tours Church in Millinocket, Maine. During a Healing Service resided over by Louvat, he told Reminder Publications he witnessed a miracle.

"I was invited to help with the service that night, it was an evening service. And I was there for that to help out. It was just quite a miraculous night, God's presence was very evident. There were a number of people that had come to attend the service from many areas," St. Cyr said in a telephone interview last week. "I knew him [the man he said was healed] through the community and I knew him a little through the church. I knew I didn't know the details, but I knew that [he] had actually been born with a sort of problem with his leg. He always had a limp and always struggled with that, I assumed, through his whole life."

St. Cyr said what he witnessed was "absolutely incredible."

"From where I was sitting, I happened to be watching. Louvat was holding his leg up. From where I was sitting, I know what I did see. I know God does awesome things. I watched and witnessed what I saw. [His] leg physically grew before my eyes and I was astonished and amazed."

"I wanted to just shout and say 'did anybody see what I just saw.' Right as I saw that, [Louvat] made an announcement and said what I saw. She acknowledged the same thing. It was just a powerful experience. I was grateful for him," St. Cyr said. "That was the only miracle that took place that night. They're all in God's timing."

St. Cyr said the experience helped encourage his faith.

"I've never forgot that," he added.

Reminder Publications was unable to substantiate details of St. Cyr's story, because the gentleman who he said was healed could not be reached by press time.

It's not hard for an image of a television evangelist like Benny Hinn to come to mind when these incidences are discussed. When this thought was broached to Louvat she instantly said, "you should watch out who you allow to touch you for healing."

"Some people come [to my healing services] through curiosity, to pray for other people, or to say, 'sure she planted someone there.' If [other self-proclaimed healers] have the gift of healing and if you don't see healing, then that's the red flag."

Besides free will gifts, Louvat works without a fee. Organizations that ask her to come for prayer services usually pay for her travel if necessary and offer her a room. She does not have a particular denomination that asks her to come, either. Whether people are Jewish, Methodist, Catholic Louvat said that does not matter.

"People say that we should all be the same. If you don't fit here then you're not going to go here. That's not God. God is love and he's the father of each one of us," she shared.

Louvat has lived the majority of her life as a prayer hermit.

In 1963 she said she met Padre Pio. Pio was officially canonized a Saint by Pope John Paul II in 2002. Many believe he had the gifts of prophesy, miraculous cures and stigmata (a condition people believe results in individuals bearing the wounds of Christ on his/her hands and feet).

Louvat said that, at the time, she had been a novice in Europe, and with a bishop and priest present had been granted an appointment with Pio. It was at this appointment that Louvat said Pio told her about her past experiences and her future. Louvat said that Pio described a piece of land where she would have a healing ministry.

The land she said Pio described is a place in Maine now called Lifesong. She said the land, 100 acres, was given to her by a gentleman who had attended one of her healing programs.

Here, Louvat has set up a community where anyone can come for peace, prayer and healing. The one thing she reiterated throughout the interview was that she does not heal people, Jesus does.

But being a believer does not mean that you should not seek professional health care.

According to the Massachusetts Citizens for Children (MCC), it happens.

Their web site, www.masskids.org, contains accounts of children who have died as a result of what is described as their parents' "religiously-motivated medical neglect."

A well-known 1986 Massachusetts case still gains national attention when it comes to this subject. Two year-old Robyn Twitchell died of a bowel obstruction. Instead of a medical doctor, his parents contacted a church practitioner when the child suffered severe intervals of vomiting and had serious difficulty eating and sleeping. As his symptoms worsened, the parents preferred to use prayer as a treatment method. His parents were convicted of involuntary manslaughter. MCC's web site has several similar stories.

Louvat said she encourages all people to see a physician.

"They have to go to the doctor," she emphasized. "Through the hands of doctors many people are being healed."

Sister Betty Broughan, a member of St. Michaels Spiritual Life Committee, which brought Louvat to East Longmeadow, hopes Louvat's arrival will bring attendees with a variety of expectations.

"[The purpose of] the Spiritual Life Committee is to develop the spiritual life in the parish and community," said Broughan. "We bring speakers and offer bible studies and prayer groups."

"The wonderful thing about [Louvat] is that she comes with her own sense of contemplation and prayer and song," Broughan continued. "She just allows that openness for people to be healed if they wish or to just be quiet in prayer. I think that's the whole sense of who she is."

Lorraine Louvat will participate in a Healing Service at St. Michael's Church in East Longmeadow, 110 Maple Street, on March 5 at 2 p.m. and March 6 at 6 p.m. March 12 and 13 are set as snow dates.

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