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Camp Gan Israel wraps up after fun filled summer

Camp Gan Israel wraps up after fun filled summer cgi-camp.jpg
LONGMEADOW — Camp Gan Israel (CGI) Longmeadow once again experienced an exciting fun filled summer. CGI Longmeadow conducted a four week camp on the LYA campus at 1148 Converse St. CGI accomplished a 42 percent increase in enrollment this year, as it spread its excitement and spirit into the Greater Springfield community. “There are so many fun activities at CGI Longmeadow,” Sydney Maniaci said. “I find that there is much more singing and cheering at CGI than at other camps I’ve attended.” CGI Longmeadow offered two divisions this summer. CGI’s youngest campers aged 2 to 5 enjoyed Jewish themed weeks, organized water play and outdoor activities as well as weekly field trips that were led by loving, patient and caring staff. Trips included Forest Park Zoo, Pioneer Valley Gymnastics, Amelia Park Children’s Museum and Kids Stuff. CGI Junior Division was led by a dynamic head counselor, Esther Baruch. She is a resident of Brunoy, France. When asked about her impressions of Western Massachusetts, Esther replied the children in Longmeadow to be spontaneous and they loved to have fun. She explained that she spent a fun filled summer in Western Massachusetts. “I had an amazing experience with all the CGI campers and staff,” Baruch added. In addition to spirited days, sports activities, trips and themed games, CGI campers participated in Create a Camp, where campers were able to create their own camp experience by choosing elective activities that they enjoyed. “Offering Create a Camp is a unique way to offer CGI campers specialized programs in which they would like to grow,” Chani Cohen, CGI co-director, said. “Much thought and preparation are put into offering Create a Camp experiences that are educational, enriching and fun.” Campers were able to choose from activities that taught a multitude of skills. Create a Camp options included: specialized sports, drummers circle, cooking, drama, science, power point and rocket launching. “I participated in drama which was so much fun, because our leader introduced us to a skit that was loads of fun to perform for camp and included a lot of humor.” Maniaci said. “It was especially cool to perform our play for the entire camp.” CGI Longmeadow launched 10 rockets this summer as part of Create a Camp. Campers under the guidance of Aaron Canter, Springfield Middle School Science Teacher, were given supplies and assistance in creating their own rockets that were successfully launched some of them up to 400 feet in the air. Canter explained the science behind the rockets, as well as the importance for saftey. “When I saw the smoke coming out from the back of my rocket, I knew it was a huge success,” Shalom Tzvi Helfen said after the launch. “Now that I’ve learned how to make a rocket myself, I am confident that with the right supplies and adult supervision, I could do this again.” Of course CGI offered a well rounded swimming program, in partnership with Mercury Swim Institute of Hamden, Conn. Led by trained swimming instructors, CGI campers learned instructional swim while cooling off in the pool. CGI is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world. CGI enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities. For more information, visit www.CGIlongmeadow.com. Bookmark and Share

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