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Longmeadow Montessori fosters creativity with art and music programs

April 17, 2014 |

LONGMEADOW – The students and parents at Longmeadow Montessori Internationale (LMI) have something to sing about. LMI’s music and creative arts program is one of the most diverse in the area, introducing students to music and art concepts from around the world. The school offers a Saturday morning class, which meets at 10 a.m. in the Preschool building. In this class, LMI music and art teacher Joey-Ann Gebo introduces families to songs, rhymes and games that help children grow and develop. Families are encouraged to sing, dance, play games and tell stories both in class and at home. These are natural ways for children to learn pitch awareness, how to keep a steady beat, understand and use rhythmic patterns, ponder the passing seasons, express sorrow and wonder, share delight in funny stories and learn the values of a culture. “People around the world use music and dance to express and enjoy being alive,” Gebo said. “In our world, music marks important passages in our lives as individuals and as nations. We use music and dance to celebrate, to relax, and to participate with other human beings in this great adventure we call life. The particular qualities and gifts of each culture are available to us in their music and dance.” Gebo has been involved in the Longmeadow music program since 1985, and has more than 17 years of teaching experience. She joined the staff of LMI approximately seven years ago. Both lyrically and Montessori trained in music, her diverse teaching methods keep the children captivated and entertained. Whether it’s a lesson on Bach or Brahms, or learning an old traditional hand rhyme, Gebo continues to add to the complete package LMI has to offer, and her love of music and children continue to delight us all. “Our program is designed to promote self-confidence, creativity, independence, self-esteem, and friendships,” Joanne Hirsch, the founder and director of LMI, said. “We are committed to fostering respect for cultural diversity. In addition, brain research shows there is a significant positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance. Because of this, we make art, music and physical education important parts of each day. Our Saturday morning music classes are an extension of what we do each day throughout the school year.” Registration for LMI’s “Musical Moments” classes has begun, so contact Gebo at thegebos4@comcast.net to enroll, or call LMI at 567-1820 for more information about the program. To learn more about LMI visit www.longmeadowmontessori.org or call 567-1820.

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