Whispering Horse to unite kids, animals this season

EAST LONGMEADOW The Whispering Horse Therapeutic Riding Center will offer five sessions of summer programs Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. through Aug. 19.

Session one will run June 28-July1; Session two will run July 12-15; Session three will run July 26-29; Session four will run Aug. 2-5 and Session five will run Aug. 16-19. All sessions are integrated and limited to 12 children with a minimum age of four.

Activities include:
  • Learning about horses -- bathing, grooming, feeding, habits, body language and riding.
  • Old time games are played such as hide-and-seek, croquet, scavenger hunts, and fishing.

  • Special weekly surprises.

    Price is $260 per week. For further information call 525-2174.

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