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Michael Dobbs

Do you have the answers to my questions?

G. Michael Dobbs

I get to be professionally ignorant in this job. I’m actually allowed not to know everything and asking questions is part of my business. The following are a number of queries for which I’m seeking answers.Why is it political candidates send me emails imploring me for coverage but when I call the campaign staff... Read More


crinella.jpg Crinella right at home with Valley Blue Sox

Crinella right at home with Valley Blue Sox

HOLYOKE – While many college baseball players throughout the country pack their bags in preparation to play in the best summer leagues around the country, for Pioneer Valley native and Blue Sox infielder Frank ... Read More

Mutiny allows five goals in consecutive games for first time in club history

NORTH ANDOVER – The New England Mutiny (3-4-2 WPSL New England) allowed five goals for the second straight match en route to a 5-1 loss to Boston Breakers Academy (5-1-2 WPSL New England) at North Andover High ... Read More

Dining & Entertainment

movie-review.jpg ‘Snowpiercer’ an intriguing science fiction find

‘Snowpiercer’ an intriguing science fiction find

G. Michael Dobbs

What does a movie guy watch when he isn’t viewing something he has to? He trolls Netflix and catches up with a number of films that either he has heard about and not seen or doesn’t know exists.My <a hr ... Read More
bing-arts-center.jpg Bing Arts Center presents TRANS•figuration exhibit

Bing Arts Center presents TRANS•figuration exhibit

SPRINGFIELD – The Bing Arts Center is pleased to present TRANS•figuration, oil paintings by Michael St. George and Catherine Gibbs.St. George has been creating images of trees near water and faces as lo ... Read More

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