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Springfield Preservation Trust honors property owners for services

July 2, 2014 | G. Michael Dobbs

This home at 1138 Worthington St. was among those honored at the annual Springfield Preservation Trust.
Reminder Publications photo by G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD – Members of the Springfield Preservation Trust gathered recently to recognize property owners who have either  maintained a historic building in the city or undertaken renovations to bring a building back to its original look.

Don Courtemanche, president of the trust, said the organization has been saluting property owners for more than 25 years.

Kathleen Pellegrino of the trust said, “We are very, very fortunate in Springfield to have such a treasure of old buildings.”

The properties in this year’s awards range from residential to commercial to industrial. Some of the properties had been damaged by the 2011 tornado, while others had been abandoned.

Three special awards were presented. The Robert Holbrook Award for Stewardship went to Thomas Reen, who purchased a 1924 Spanish Mission style house in 1978 at 177 Springfield St., and “has kept it in pristine condition.”

The Edward Sims Award for Stewardship went to City Councilor E. Henry Twiggs, who purchased a 1892 Queen Anne style home in 1982 at 78 Westminster St., when it was horribly damaged by fire. The award noted, “He restored it and has lived here ever since.”

The George Pooler Award for Stewardship went to Pete DeCuir for having taken care of his 1894 Queen Anne style house at 269 Union St., since 1985.

The other recipients were: a 1886 Stick style house at 1138 Worthington St.; the Caring Health Center at 1051 and 1055 Main St. and 12 Park St.; the apartment building at 175 Maple St., which had been damaged by the 2011 tornado; a Tudor revival home at 87 Mulberry St.; an Italianate style house at 229 Central St.; the Veterans Memorial Flag Pole on Roosevelt Avenue; the century-old brick commercial building at 71 Colton St.; the recently renovated Forest Park Middle School, 46 Oakland St.; the 1885 Stick style house at 179 Thompson St.; the 1890s Queen Anne style home at  62 Bay St.; the 1884 Stick style home at 167 Thompson St.; the 1903 Tudor Revival home at 1127 Worthington St.; and Outing Park, Saratoga, Oswego, Bayonne, Niagara, and Dwight Street Extension.

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