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Officials endorse Senate candidate

Nov. 1, 2013
<b>Second Hampden-Hampshire District Senate Candidate David Bartley greets Gov. Deval Patrick.</b> <br>Reminder Publications photo Carley Dangona

Second Hampden-Hampshire District Senate Candidate David Bartley greets Gov. Deval Patrick.
Reminder Publications photo Carley Dangona

By Carley Dangona


WESTFIELD – The Democratic Party took a united stance in support of David Bartley’s campaign for State Senate.

Gov. Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley formally endorsed Bartley, a Holyoke City Councilor and attorney, in his race to the Second Hampden-Hampshire seat during a gathering at The Tavern Inn on Oct. 28.

“To see all these people, is a humbling, humbling honor,” Bartley said when asked his reaction to the fact that the room was filled with supporters. “To see all these people turn out in the heart of Western Massachusetts is a wonderful experience,” he added.

“His opponent [Donald Humason Jr.], I think, is too aligned with national Republican ideas and the Tea Party – that’s not the direction Massachusetts is heading in,” Coakley said. “I support Democratic values, making sure that the values you care about are being represented in Boston.” She said she was “proud” to support Bartley because he has demonstrated the same notion.

“I did not seek endorsements from people, I seek endorsements from the voters,” Humason said. The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, Citizens For Taxation and Government and the National Federation for Independent Business have all endorsed Humason campaign.

Patrick cited many accomplishments of the Commonwealth, including the states transformation into an “international super cluster” of science and technology and that it is first in the nation in student achievement. He noted that a focus on education, innovation and infrastructure is a “winning strategy.”

He said, “Those results are not mine alone; they come from partnership. The way it works in government is like life. I need people to leave their doctrine and wooden thoughts on the side.”

Patrick continued, “Growth is a choice. Our future can be shaped. We don’t need to feel victimized or hopeless.”

The governor called Bartley a “fabulous candidate.” Patrick said that Bartley understood that winning isn’t about personal gain, but working together for the greater good.

“Yes, they came out to endorse me, but they’re really here for you. They believe in your ideas. I hope to do the same,” Bartley said, regarding his intention to represent the people.

Patrick encouraged the audience to talk to their friends, relatives and even strangers and tell them to participate on election day. “We get the government we deserve,” he said, adding that everyone needs to “take part and engage in” the process.

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