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'60 Minutes' report just one view

May 22, 2013 |

The "60 Minutes" report about Springfield and the drug raids carried out by "counter-insurgency cops" is just one way to bring the drug trade under control. I don't see how bringing criminals to justice endangers our freedom. The Springfield Police Department is doing a fine job that is difficult and ongoing. They have had help from the Massachusetts State Police – that didn't threaten our freedom either. One must use methods that accomplish what is acceptable as the final result in any endeavor (whatever works, so to speak). The remark that Springfield is the most dangerous city in New England is totally unacceptable. Maybe it made the report seem more important to Stahl's boss. Our city's problems with crime are the same as any city this size. Also, when dealing with events like the bombing in Boston, law enforcement sometimes must use tactics other than the ones used when dealing with regular citizens. There is always the possibility that people creating problems in this country are being assisted by agents from outside the United States. This is why I read the newspaper; one gets all kinds of viewpoints on any event. When you watch a TV report, you get one viewpoint, the one they want you to see. If you want news that will encompass the whole equation of events that have transpired, read the newspaper. This is an accurate way to sort out the ambiguous news reports we hear and see, brought about by the swift reports that are the norm these days. E. Anthony Mosio Springfield

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