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Against Health Care Bill

The "prostitution" phase of the health care debate is now over. Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Bernie Sanders, Joe Lieberman et al. will get the hundreds of millions and even billions promised for their votes. Taxpayers will get the bill for those votes. Those with medical insurance will get an increase in their premiums for four years for absolutely nothing. Our children and grandchildren will get the $2.5 trillion in debt that the bill will cost. Barack Obama gets a giant leap forward on his march to socialism. We as voters could get our share of the "Hope and Change" in November of 2010 when we will have the chance to place many of our legislators on the very same health care plan that they are forcing down our throats by voting them out of office. We will have one more chance to tell them that we do not want this bill. Linda Fitzgerald, East Longmeadow
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