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Appeal for members

Jan. 15, 2014
Last November, a [letter] was published in The Reminder as to serious concerns regarding the future of the parade. Nine out of the 10 present members will be resigning after July 4 due issues such as years of service, age of members, more non-resident members than town residents, family and personal commitments etc. Over the years, appeals for new members have not generated the results hoped for and it is now time for a new group to take over the reins. To that end; however, I have received calls from six individuals who are interested in learning more about how the committee plans and organizes the parade.

We thank those citizens who have contacted us to-date, but need more residents to step forth and work with the present committee who willingly will serve as mentors in planning this year’s parade. Anyone interested in joining the committee can call Carl Ohlin at 525-2952 or The Selectmen’s Office at 525-5427.

Carl F. Ohlin

Fourth of July Parade Chairman

East Longmeadow

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