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Both parties to blame

This is an answer to “Vote Out The Incumbents,” which was a reply to, “As Usual Dobbs is Right.” I agree both parties are to blame, however, if one analyzes what has transpired in the last few years, it’s clear the Republicans have benefitted, and promoted, much more than the Democrats from special interests groups. I have listed many of them in other editorials, including the one to which the writer’s reply was directed. Vote out the incumbents has been a good thing, but they must be replaced by people more astute to the needs of the people who elected them. A classic example is the electing of Brown in Massachusetts. It “watered down” the health care bill, that would have allowed people to buy affordable plans, if the large insurance companies continued charging high premiums (the 60th vote). After Brown (a Republican) was elected, the premiums increased $250 a month. That same insurance company was taken to task for giving board of directors bonuses they were not entitled to, and an $11 million bonus to a departing executive. It’s going on right now. The Republicans have also taken into their ranks the Tea Party, who are an exercise in pretentious transcendence of policies that would result in a travesty with disastrous dilemmas. Also the voters must get out and vote. They should have some idea what the people running for office have done, what they are doing, and of course, what they promise to do. To the voters; it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with Dobbs, Crossman, or Mosio. Vote. E. Anthony Mosio Springfield Bookmark and Share
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