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Republican candidate for State Representative 2nd Hampden, Marie Angelides, in a letter to the editor to The Reminder (June 14-20) praises rail spending on the Knowledge Corridor. Here is the thing: the first phase of the corridor upgrade will be completed largely with stimulus spending from Washington to the tune of over $70 million dollars.
Is Ms. Angelides a breath of fresh air in the Republican Party? Is she one of the rare Republicans who saw our nation losing 750,000 jobs a month as President Bush left office and looked at least in part to Washington for the solution? Well, apparently not. A check of the issues page of her Web site has her saying specifically that we should not be looking to Washington, D.C. to solve our economic problems.
I guess consistency will not be her strong suit during her time on Beacon Hill.

Michael Galvagni
East Longmeadow

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