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Containers too big?

I have been asked by friends and members of my family to write this letter and ask the proverbial question, "Why didn't the city of Chicopee contemplate using different size containers?" There are hundreds, if not thousands, of elderly people living in the city that are unable to move these containers to the street empty, let alone when they are half full. I believe the city should have set up a committee with some senior citizens in their 70's and 80's and have one of these containers on hand for demonstration purposes to see if these individuals could move them before going out and purchasing them. That would have determined if the city was on the right track purchasing only these 90-gallon containers or maybe, order a smaller size for the elderly. Also, we don't know why the driver of the truck is required to get out and check the contents before the container is dumped. This is such a waste of time and resources. The city of Springfield does not require the driver to get out and check the contents before they are dumped. I hope that our councilors and the city of Chicopee will take another look at this program and try to accommodate these individuals who are having difficulty with these containers. Roland L Archambault Chicopee Bookmark and Share
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