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Create a casino committee

February 8, 2012 I’m not for casinos or against them but, I believe that people who will be affected by them should understand that having one is not going to solve all of our financial problems. Case in point, gambling began in Atlantic City on June 2, 1977 and here we are 35 years later and this city still has seedy areas of the city that need cleaning up. You have to ask yourself, “Where did all that money go? How much came into the city coffers and where and who did it go to?” To avoid anything like that happening here, we need to set up a committee consisting of people from all walks of life (keep the politicians out of it), that will oversee the finances and make recommendations that will keep the process transparent. If this can not be implemented, then keep the casinos out of here. Roland Archabault Chicopee Bookmark and Share