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Dobbs ignores reasons

Mike Dobbs' opinion headline in last week's Reminder hit the nail on the head in that the Massachusetts senate election wasn't about Obama. It was, in fact about his policies, not him personally. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Mr. Dobbs chose to ignore the reasons for a very Democratic state to elect a Republican senator. His reasoning was that we "fearful and angry people" we're unhappy with the unnecessary Iraq war, deep recession, housing crisis, etc., so we voted in a Republican who is a thirty year member of the National Guard. (?). He also stayed true to form in blaming Bush can't leave that out! This election was, in fact, a referendum on the president and all of Congress. It said that we are revolting against foolish spending; printing money like there's no tomorrow, a very poorly written health care plan, socialism, cap and trade, and vote purchases like the Louisiana Purchase, Nebraska Cornhusker Medicaid, and the crowning blow with the Detroit union Cadillac insurance deal. If most politicians agreed with Mr. Dobbs that this election was about Scott Brown and Martha Coakley then why are we seeing massive rethinking in D.C. as well as the White House? Bob Maccarini East Longmeadow
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