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Economic Rights

When you are running a country like the U.S. in which the majority of the wealth is owned by a small minority of the people five percent of our population has more money than the other 95 percent you need to keep the majority uneducated, misinformed and scared. U.S. working people aren't taught that they have economic rights. That is how the corporation execs and their flunkies in Congress and the White House got away with robbing 50 million citizens of their jobs and pensions by means of runaway shops and needless mergers in recent years. The American people were never taught that they have a right to a job, job security, good health care, adequate vacation and leisure time, and freedom from price-gouging and loan-sharking. They were never told because this country has always been run by a corrupt coalition of conservatives who modeled themselves after England's corrupt upper class and their corrupt economic system. I have to laugh at talk-show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Robert Savage and Howie Carr, who are always screaming about our "liberal press" and our "liberal government." If they were liberal, five percent of our population wouldn't have 95 percent of our wealth. These three commentators aren't dumb, so they must be funded by the CIA which was started by J.P. Morgan to keep his wealth secure. The high schools in the U.S. need to start teaching every student their economic rights. When this happens, we will have a class of voters who won't tolerate the type of politicians who are now representing us in Congress and the White House. John Harrigan Springfield
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