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While the school superintendent is an important position in our society, it seems their monetary compensation has escalated to a pretentious disparity. They are paid too much. It seems we went through a problem of this sort with a person (named Negroni) a few years ago. There are many talented people in Springfield and surrounding areas and I have a difficult time with the reasoning that a local person cannot be hired. It doesn’t seem like we should conduct a search of the globe for these jobs, when we have people who live here and are familiar with the situation that exists in our city. Dr. Alan Ingram should stay, unless the city does not have to pay him for his contract. The terms of Dr. Ingram’s agreement with the city are totally unacceptable. This term of events has earned Jose Tosado and Antoinette Pepe a chance to enhance their presence in the run for mayor. While Mayor Sarno is doing a good job, this involvement of the school superintendent contract has distorted his other accomplishments. If this continues, it should be an interesting race for mayor. E. Anthony Mosio, Springfield Bookmark and Share
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