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I have been reading with interest recent letters questioning the integrity and capabilities of Marie Angelides in her primary election campaign for the seat of State Representative in the Second Hampden District. Primary election day is scheduled for Sept. 14. I am dismayed and disappointed that the chairman of the East Longmeadow Republican Town Committee questioned Marie's use of photos of Sen. Scott Brown and gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker. The implication was made that these photos were "campaign propaganda" and that it "is a problem all across the state." If Mr. Kane did, in fact, call Sen. Brown's office to learn about the Senator's endorsement of Marie's opponent and if he reported truthfully, he would have stated that the endorsement was made because Sen. Brown was not aware that Marie was also a duly certified candidate for the seat of State Representative. When two candidates of the same party are campaigning for office in local primary elections, neither is endorsed until after the primary elections are held. I called Sen. Brown's office to inquire about his endorsement and was told the Senator believed there was only one Republican candidate for the seat. In fact, I was requested to respond to the controversial comments and to copy Sen. Brown's campaign office with my response. As a lifelong voter in Longmeadow, I am tired of politics as usual and want to hear about the qualifications of every candidate and what policies they will endorse in Boston. It seems to me that instead of intra-party back biting, we voters would all benefit by being better informed on both Republican candidates. We need to learn more about each candidate's education, background, experience, and overview regarding local, regional, and state issues of interest to the constituents of the Second Hampden District. We cannot vote intelligently or responsibly for the most qualified candidate without this information. Let's move away from the infantile bickering about photos and tackle the meaningful points that will help us decide who is the best candidate to represent us. Andrew Lemnios, Ph.D. Longmeadow
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