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Letter to Cohen

April 18, 2012 Thank you for your response to my letter of March 31, 2012 in which I asked you to include clear information about the Senior Property Tax Abatement Program with the Property Tax Bills. You advised me that procedures for applying for this tax exemption were described on the back of the Real Estate Tax Bills. As I look at my own tax bill, however, I do not feel this provides sufficient information to help eligible seniors be aware of and understand the program. The light grey fine print is difficult to read, and the references to the sections of the Massachusetts General Laws applicable to Abatement/Exemption applications are not easily understood. I'm sure that as a strong supporter of this program, you would want all residents age 70 and over who meet the income and asset guidelines to be aware of their eligibility and assist them as needed with the application process. I again urge you to include all the proper information in an easily readable format with the next Property Tax Bills, to fairly assure that all eligible seniors will receive this benefit. Also, if you would like, I would be happy to help with this project. Corinne M. Wingard Agawam Bookmark and Share
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