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Neal needs to stop pretending

Aug. 27, 2012 |

As a supporter of Elizabeth Warren in her run against Scott Brown, I was quite dismayed by your coverage of Sheriff Ashe's Clambake which revealed yet another attempt on Richard Neal's part to link himself with Ms. Warren and the progressive values championed in her senatorial campaign. One would think, particularly in light of Mrs. Warren's recent pro-choice statements, that she would disassociate herself from Neal, who was a co-sponsor of the Stupak Amendment and remained utterly silent during February's Congressional debate over the Blunt Amendment and its House equivalent bill (HR 1171). (Both proposals would have restricted reproductive services to women, with the Blunt Amendment denying insurance coverage for contraception.) In addition, Mr. Neal's five distinct votes in favor of deregulating Wall Street and removing consumer legal protections (HR 3841; HR 1058; S 1260; S 900; HR 4577) contradict Mrs. Warren's fundamental belief in the need for regulation of the financial services industry. Of the candidates running for the First Congressional seat in the Sept. 6 primary, only Andrea Nuciforo, Jr. has the values and the legislative track record that aligns with Mrs. Warren's professed progressive ideals. Instead of publicly associating with a "business as usual" politician, perhaps Mrs. Warren would consider allying herself with a progressive Democrat who stands for real change and is willing to speak on behalf of women and consumers. Michele Marantz Longmeadow

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