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New gun laws aren’t the answer

Aug. 21, 2013 |

Laws that limit the number of rounds in a magazine only put law-abiding citizens at a terrible disadvantage. If there were to be a break-in at my home, do you think the intruder would abide by the current limit of 10 rounds? If not, what makes you think he will suddenly abide by the lower number of seven? What if there is more than one person breaking in? Unlike the movies, one shot does not mean one kill. Anti-gun advocates will tell you that if you limit the magazine capacity, you might “save one life” in a school shooting. That is not true because the deranged people who commit such atrocities will not obey any laws on magazine capacity or any other gun law. By the way, have you noticed that all of the shootings have taken place in a “gun free” zone? What does that tell you? America has about 250 million firearms. Of that number, only 4.5 million are semi-automatic. That represents only 1.5 percent of all firearms owned. According to the FBI, in 2010 there were 12,654 homicides. Of these, only 324 were committed with a rifle of any type (0.026 percent). Please do not mistake a semi-automatic rifle with an assault rifle. An assault rifle has a lever on it that can be switched to a “single shot,” “triple shot,” or fully automatic. Fully automatic is a machine gun, which is only legal for use in the military and is already illegal for the average citizen to own. Just because a gun “looks” scary, does not mean it is an “assault” weapon. The problem of the illegal use of guns cannot be solved by legislation. If that were the case, we would not have any drugs on our streets. No, the problem is a social issue. You cannot legislate morality. The only people that new laws affect are the ones who are already obeying current laws. Don Crossman East Longmeadow

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