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Norcross Board thanks East Longmeadow voters

The Norcross Board and the Historical Commission would like to thank the voters of East Longmeadow at the May 19 town meeting for voting to appropriate Community Preservation Funds for Historical Preservation of 87 and 89 Maple St. The passing of Article 22 is the first step to protect and preserve the Norcross House and to give the town's historical museum a permanent site in town. Thank you to all who worked to achieve this goal, your hard work and dedication are appreciated. Special thanks to Peter Punderson and George Kingston from the Community Preservation Committee and the Planning Board for their support of this article. Thanks to Bill Speight from the Historical Commission and Community Preservation Commission for his support. Thanks to Merle Safford for sharing her knowledge of the Norcross family history in the interview on "Real to Reel" and to Peter Fessenden and family for working to make our video production that was shown at town meeting. Thank you to the Norcross Board members and Historical Commission members who worked so hard to get our message out and convince the town that this was a worthwhile project. The Norcross Board looks forward to developing the Norcross Center as a cultural and historic complex that beautifully showcases our town's history. The Norcross Board
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