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Not the intended government

July 2, 2013 |

As we celebrate the birth of our country this week, we should pause to consider how far it has come from the constitutional republic that it used to be. Today, if you're paying attention, you'll observe that our entire government has become dysfunctional and corrupted, and three strongmen are running the country and pushing the country in the directions they want to go. The Congress is run by one man, Harry Reid, who controls his delegation with an iron hand, and who has forced ObamaCare and Immigration bills through Congress using pork and bribes. Senate Democrats vote in lockstep with Reid on every issue. On the House side, the Republican leadership has no similar voting bloc power, as it is constantly contested by Tea Party members. The Supreme Court has transformed itself into a mini-legislature, who ignore the Constitution and vote in liberal/conservative blocks, 5-4, 4-5, 5-4, etc., as though they were elected representatives. Anthony Kennedy is the de facto Chief Justice, and he alone makes all the decisions as the so-called "swing vote", depending on how he alone feels about the issue, and regardless of the Constitution. The other justices are so predictable that they have no power. Lastly, our president openly criticizes and ignores the Constitution. He ignores those laws he doesn't like, like DOMA, and makes up his own laws, called Executive Orders, many of which specifically flout the expressed will of Congress and the laws. There is almost no check on his power, as both Congress and the Supreme Court fail to restrain him. In Rome, just before the Emperors took total control, the Empire was ruled by a triumvirate of three strong men. Today, history is repeating itself, with Reid, Kennedy and Obama. Anyone who reads the Declaration and the Constitution can see that this is not the government the framers designed. Pat Henry East Longmeadow

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