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Opposes Bail Out

Hats off to the Democrats and Republicans in the House who stood up for the people and struck down the $700 billion rescue plan. To borrow from John Kerry, "This was the wrong bill, in the wrong place, in the wrong time." To use common language, "The people hated this bill and made their feelings known in no uncertain terms that they didn't want it shoved down their throats." This Congress has earned its eight percent approvability rate. You need only know that Nancy Pelosi had given her permission for Democrats running for re-election in vulnerable races to vote AGAINST the bail out. What a joke to watch her point her fingers at the Republicans when she had enough Democrat votes to pass it without a single Republican. This mess was perpetrated upon the people with Barney Frank overseeing Fannie/Freddie, Chris Dodd chairing the banking committee and Charles Rangel still chairing the committee that writes the tax laws (for us, of course!). There is plenty of blame to go around from Bush on down, but wasn't it Pelosi, herself, who when sworn in as Speaker of the House promised that this would be "the most open, honest, ethical Congress" in history? It seems obvious to me that they excel at wrecking the economy and are useless at fixing it. Linda Fitzgerald East Longmeadow
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