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Pass the EFCA

For millions of Americans, the recent election marked what is hoped to be the turning point in an extremely harsh economic disaster. These hard working Americans have been struggling ever harder just to keep their heads above water. Wages have stagnated as opposed to the rapid and uncontrolled increases in the basic necessities of society such as food, fuel, shelter and health care. While the average working class Americans have been back-sliding into debt, joblessness, foreclosure and poverty, CEO's have plundered anything of value from a company, patted each other on the backs for their "success" and skipped out with outrageous bonus packages and "golden parachutes." The very architects and engineers of this unethical quagmire have exploited and dessimated the the American middle class and all but destroyed these United States of America. We need change! Barack Obama has promised to help pass the Employee Free Choice Act, a bipartisan bill which would make it easier for workers to form unions and stay in the middle class. The EFCA will ensure that more men and women have fair and unfettered accesss to good union jobs that strengthen their ability to earn fair wages, quality health care and safe working conditions. The plurality of Americans voted for change on Nov. 4, and this bill is a concrete step in that direction. I hope our new leaders will recognize their obligations to rise to this occasion and pass the EFCA. Robert White Springfield
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