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Pedestrians Have the Right of Way

I am appalled at the number of times I see pedestrians, often children and teens, waiting to cross a Longmeadow street in a pedestrian walkway... and no one stops to let them cross. At Converse Street and Burbank Road there is a clearly marked crosswalk with a yellow pedestrian sign, yet VERY few people acknowledge it. This is a reminder that pedestrians have the right of way. Schools are back in session and hundreds of children will be walking or riding their bikes to school. We are fortunate to have crossing guards at many of our busy street crossings, but there are plenty of side streets that children must cross every day. Drivers need to be alert and allow these children to cross safely. There's no excuse. We are all busy. We are all rushing off to somewhere to do something. I seriously doubt that stopping for one minute will drastically change your day. However, hitting a pedestrian would drastically change your life. Please drive safely and stop for pedestrians. Laurie Houff Longmeadow
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