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Possible Dog Park

Wouldn't it be great to have a dog park in Longmeadow? A friend of mine recently suggested a perfect place! The old clay tennis courts at the corner of Laurel and Bliss stand weed-filled and empty. They are already fenced. The only expense to the town would be to remove the center fence separating the two courts and to put up a sign: "All dogs must be accompanied by owner at all times. Pick up after your dog." There would be room for the dogs to run around and "socialize," chase balls, etc. People could arrange to meet for doggie "play dates." Many folks already walk their dogs in Bliss Park on the trails, but there are some dogs, especially puppies, who might want to run off. A dog park would provide a safe enclosed area for play. It would be a great use for the old courts! Mary Friedman Longmeadow
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