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The good news is that Longmeadow voters get to vote very soon on a very good building option. I strongly urge fellow residents to approve the Longmeadow High School building project proposal that has resulted from an open and rigorous development process. By approving this proposal, we will finally shift from mainly cataloging costly problems and safety concerns to implementing a cost-effective solution benefitting the whole town for decades to come. Residents have been given ample opportunity to weigh in during the lengthy and necessarily highly regulated process of developing and reviewing school building proposals. The School Building Committee has done an admirable job of soliciting community input and responding to concerns at every turn in the process. Even a quick review of the exhaustive documentation of the project's development and opportunities for community input available on the SBC Web site (via www.longmeadow.org) offers a strong indication of how rigorous and open the process has been. I am very grateful to the residents and other SBC members who continue to give countless hours and so much of their energy and creativity to the process. I am also grateful to fellow residents who have taken advantage of the many opportunities we have had to learn about and influence the process, from the three-day Educational Visioning workshop (which involved almost 50 participants, including teachers, administration, past and present students, businessmen, retirees, town employees, safety officers and parents), to the many public forums and meetings that have been held. We've done our homework. We came up with a very good solution that has been approved for $34 million in reimbursement by the state. If we don't vote yes on May 25 and June 8, our loss will be another deserving school district's gain. Any voters who have questions about what a no vote May 25 or June 8 would mean for our state funding prospects can hear directly from Katherine Craven, Executive Director of the MSBA, at the Longmeadow SBC public meeting on May 19 at 7 p.m. at LHS. Jen Cosgrove Longmeadow
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