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Put birth certificates on ballots

Millions of Americans must present a birth certificate and take a urine test to be employed. Our constitution mandates that the president be 35 years-old and born a citizen of the United States. A birth certificate is good evidence of meeting that criteria. Some of Obama's relatives were quoted in the media as having said that Obama was born in Kenya. In light of that, we were completely justified in demanding presentation of a birth certificate, which was presented three years later. A good way to settle the birth issue early is to require that presidential candidates publish their birth certificate in order to be on the ballot. It would only effect future elections. Since Obama has published his, future laws are not directed at him. In anticipation of accusations of racism, I voted for Green Party candidate McKinney who is blacker than Obama and unquestionably born an a citizen of the United States. Robert Joseph Underwood Springfield Bookmark and Share
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