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Questions Brown

When Scott Brown first burst on the scene, promising to be "#41," I had my lawn signs out for him. Now he frequently disappoints conservatives by voting with Republicans only where the outcome is assured ahead of time, and his vote will make no difference. But where his vote might really count, he often joins with Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and the rest of the RINOs. His vote against the Republican budget was just the latest example; he doesn't seem to understand that when he looks around and sees he's voting with Collins and Snowe and Lisa Murkowski, maybe he should reassess his position. Brown says he respects Ted Kennedy and hopes to emulate his ability to bring the parties together. But while Reagan was facing down the Soviets, Teddy secretly traveled to Moscow, offering to work in our senate with his Dem colleagues to undercut our government's policies, according to the KGB records released after the cold war. And it was good ol' Ted that held George W. Bush's hand as together they signed the "No Child Left Behind Act," then repudiated his action and attacked Bush just months later. Some peace-maker! Kennedy was not a senator anyone should emulate. It's true that he serviced his constituents very well in order to ensure his re-election for life, but on the national scene he actively participated in the government's decline into corruption and bankruptcy. Watching his actions on Pell Grants way back in the late '80's started my own move into the conservative camp. We expect more from senators and congress than local service. We expect them to protect our country. We expect them to take a stand based on principles, not compromise. A senator shouldn't compromise with bad plans or wrong-headed people; he should be leading them away from their errors. Scott Brown seems to be going along to get along. He is in danger of becoming "#60." R. Patrick Henry Jr. East Longmeadow